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I have tried to balance making it easy for people to use Amazing Fields vs needing some funding to support it. If you run into any questions or concerns along the way, please reach out and let me know:

Using Fields is Free and Unlimited

Amazing Fields does not require payment for people to make use of fields. I created it to solve some of my own issues and I wanted to make it easy for as many people to use it as possible. As such using fields created with Amazing Fields is freely available for as many users, boards, and workspaces as you need. There are no limits on it's use. Once fields are configured and setup they can be used by as many people as you would like.

The only limits in place are related to the user configuring new fields.  Advanced configuration requires the user to be a Supporter.  


I want to make Amazing Fields widely available, but I also need help so I can cover the cost of maintenance and hosting Amazing Fields.  To help cover these costs I allow users to become Supporters. You can become a monthly supporter which gives you the ability to configure more fields and advanced capabilities.

Most users do not become supporters, but I greatly appreciate the ones that are. For a minimal cost compared to other similar tools, you can help ensure the quality of this powerup.  This is small project that I do in my free time and this support helps ensure that I can continue to provide the maintenance needed to make this an Amazing powerup for everyone. 

You can cancel anytime and I offer a full refund for any reason, no questions asked.  Seriously, if you try it and don't like it, please let me know and I will refund any supporter costs.  I want all users to enjoy Amazing Fields. If it isn't working well for you, just let me know.

As a thank you to Supporters, you get access to create more fields and use advanced capabilities that only supporters can configure.  Note: These features can still be used by as many people as you want.

Supporter Capabilities

Supporters get access the following additional capabilities.

  • Extra Fields: Non-supporters are limited to only adding 10 fields to a board.  As a supporter you can add as many as you want up to the limit of storage on the board.  Many users have >100 fields!!
  • Advanced Features: Supporters also have access to set of "supporter-only" features such as formulas, permissions, and more.  See the full list below.

Support Tiers

There are two levels of supporter: Individual and Enterprise.  

  • Individual: (<15 editors) The Individual Supporter level is meant for single users or small teams where there is one person that configures the board and only a small number of board editors.
  • Enterprise: (>15 editors) The Enterprise Supporter level is meant for companies and other large organizations that want to create boards with many editors.  It allows all users within the organization's Trello workspace to configure supporter-only field settings.  This makes it much easier for teams to manage Amazing Fields settings and can dramatically reduce the cost for organizations that want multiple field administrators.

Note: A board editor is a member of the board that can edit card data.  It is a Trello "admin" or "normal" member. (see Trello User Types)

Support Levels

I offer 3 levels of supporter.  🥉 Bronze,  🥈Silver, and 🥇Gold.

There is no difference in what capabilities can be accessed between the levels.  I originally only had the "Silver" level of pricing but I found that some people really could not afford that level (students, freelancers, schools) and that other people loved Amazing Fields so much they were asking how they could provide additional support.

I created the levels to allow people to decide themselves how much value Amazing Fields is providing and match their support to how much they can afford. I love it when people choose the Gold level, but I also understand that not everyone is in a situation where they can.  

Non-Profits / Education

I committed to making it easy for as many people to use Amazing Fields as possible.  Please contact me at if you are a non-profit, educational institute, or other similar organization so I can provide discounts for your use of supporter capabilities. 

Advanced Supporter Capabilities

All the core capabilities of Amazing Fields are available for all editors to configure.  However, as a perk to thank people that choose to become supporters, Amazing Fields includes a some "advanced" capabilities.  These field capabilities can only be configured by users that are supporters.

Note: All advanced capabilities are still freely available to be used by as many users, boards, and workspaces as needed.  It is only the person configuring them that needs to have supporter access

The advanced capabilities are clearly marked in the Amazing Fields settings UI as shown below:

The exact list continues to change as more capabilities are added to Amazing Fields.  The current list includes:

  • Formulas: values and visibility
  • Field permissions
  • Text pattern matching
  • Custom field linking
  • Multi-select dropdowns
  • Custom section name
  • Board Utilities: export and copy board configuration

Cancelling Supporter Subscription

WARNING: Due to the way Trello powerups work, disabling the powerup on a board will not cancel a supporter subscription. Trello manages powerups at the board level, your Amazing Fields supporter subscription is at the account level (ie. you don't have to subscribe for each board).  If you disable a powerup on a specific board there is no way to know if you mean to permenantly disable it on all boards.

Because of this, to unsubscribe, you need to explictly manage your subscription and cancel it as described below

To cancel, open Amazing Fields settings, go to the "Amazing Supporters" tab and then click on the link to cancel.  Please contact me at if you run into any issues of have any problems.

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