How to setup progress bars for Trello

Amazing Fields for Trello allows you to create progress bars and even link them to checklists.

See progress bards in action: Create a board from the Amazing Fields Progress Bar Template.

Basic Progress Bar

Add a basic progress bar under "Basic Fields" in the add field menu.  

This will create a progress bar with the standard settings showing progress from a value of 0 to 100 in the standard style.  Click on the new progress bar in the settings panel to see the settings and adjust them for your needs.

  • Format: you can choose a progress bar showing percent with values from 0-100 or 0.0-1.0
  • Bar Style: select from a wide range of values or choose to set a custom style where you choose each stage yourself.  (see the template board for examples)
  • Min/Max: determine the range for the value you want the progress bar to show.
  • Width: how many characters wide should the progress bar be when shown on the card
  • Show Number: choose to show the number next to the bar or just the bar itself.

Advanced Progress Bars

There are a tremendous number of ways to configure progress bars.  

The best way to see what is possible is to checkout the Amazing Fields Progress bar template.

If you have a specific request feel free to contact us through the support contacts and we will add another example.

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