How to copy cards across boards with Amazing Fields

Amazing Fields fully supports copying cards across boards.  When Trello copies a card across boards, it includes all the stored powerup data including the Amazing Fields data.  But for the field data to show up in the new board it needs to have an exact copy of the corresponding field configurations. This includes some of the behind the scenes implementation details such as unique field identifiers, settings, etc.  All of these configuration details need to be copied from the original board to the destination

Amazing Fields has a board utility that can copy these details. To copy the field configuration:

  • Open the board utilities as shown in the image below
  • Look for the Copy Board Configuration utility
  • Go to the board with the settings you want
  • Click "Copy Settings" to make a copy of that board's field settings
  • Go to the board where you want to past the duplicate settings
  • Click "Paste Copied Settings"

You now have two boards with identical field settings.  You should be able to copy your cards across and keep all field data.

Note: I recommend that you create one main board where you have all your fields configured the way you want.  Then copy the settings from this board and paste them onto the other boards where you want to copy your cards.  This allows you to create a set of related boards and easily keep the settings up to date across them.

Technical Details

When you create a new field configuration, Amazing Fields creates a unique identifier for the field. This is a value like: ABCEF1234567 When the powerup stores data it does it using this identifier so you can change the configuration of the field's name, etc without losing access to old data you have entered. This also allows Amazing Fields to copy field data from one board to another. When you copy a card to a new board, it brings the Amazing Fields data with it. This includes the list of fields on the card and their associated values all stored based upon these unique identifiers.

For the new board to know what to do, it needs to have the same field configuration as the original board. That way it knows that a given identifier like ABCDEF1234567 is a field with a given name, type, and settings.

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