How to use fields in the Trello mobile applications

PowerUps like Amazing Fields can not extend the mobile clients on iOS and Android directly.  This is because the applications do not have an extension mechanism like the browser-based application.  Because of this there is no direct usage of Amazing Fields on the mobile application.  There are 2 ways to work around this though.

1) Use Webapp

One way to use powerups on your mobile device is to continue to use the browser based application.  So for example simply open on a tablet or mobile phone.  Some users find this method works for them and does not require anything more advanced.

2) Managed Custom Field Links

A more direct option is to use Amazing Field's support for linking to Trello custom fields.  

Trello allows custom fields created with Trello premium accounts to be viewed and edited in the mobile application.  Amazing Fields has the ability to automatically create and manage a custom field behind the scenes for you.  When this option is used all of your fields appear where you need them in both the browser and the mobile application.

See how to setup custom field links in the related article below on Custom Field Integration.

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