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The way Trello works, there are several core capabilities that power ups like Amazing Fields can not integrate directly into.  This includes automations, filtering, mobile clients, and reporting.  Trello only allows these features to work with core Trello features.

But fear not, Amazing Fields includes support for these features by integrating with Trello custom fields. Amazing Fields can be configured to create, manage, and syncrhonize with an associated Trello custom field.  This allows you to use all of the core capabilities of Trello but still use the amazing formatting, styling, and editing you have come to know from Amazing fields.  

Trello Notes: 

  • Because linking uses Trello custom fields and other paid functionality, you need a paid Trello account for this feature. 
  • Multi-select dropdown fields can not be linked because Trello dropdowns only support single select


To enable this functionality:

  • Open Amazing Fields settings panel
  • Go to the field you want to sync with Amazing Fields
  • Enable the new flag “Auto sync with Trello Custom Fields”

That is all you have to do.  Everything else will just happen automatically.  Your board now has a new custom field for each synced field.  

IMPORTANT: You should not manually edit this custom field.  It is fully owned and managed by the associated Amazing Field.  The powerup will attempt to recover from changes you make to the custom field, but making changes manually can lead to invalid configuration.

Integration and Field Names

The managed custom field will have a “_” prefix on the field name to make it clear which ones are managed by Amazing Fields.  Any value you change in Amazing Field will show up in the custom field, and anything you do in automations, mobile, or integrations like Zapier to edit the value in the custom field will automatically show up in Amazing Fields.

You can use these fields to integrate Amazing Fields data with any other powerups, integrations, and code that you need for your use case.

Editing Fields

You can edit the Amazing Field or the custom field and the data will sync between the two of them.  Note though that changes to the custom fields may take a few seconds to sync across.  

Warning: If you use another extension or integration that accidently sets the mapped custom field to empty, Amazing Fields will honor this and clear the Amazing Field value.  This can lead to data loss if you did not mean for the custom field to be cleared.  Amazing Fields tries to protect against the most common errors, but some users with internally developed integrations have run into issues, so please be careful when setting Trello custom fields through integrations.

Browser Extensions - hiding custom fields

To help with a clean integration in desktop browsers, I have created browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge that automatically hide the Custom Fields that are owned by Amazing Fields.  This will keep your UI clean and simple.  The best part is that everything will just happen in the background.

You can find the extensions here:


Please let me know if you run into any issues with custom fields or find some type of integration that is not quite working well for you.  

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