How to export Trello boards with cards and field data

The Amazing Fields PowerUp allows you to export all Trello board data for all cards.  This includes not only Amazing Fields data but also the core Trello card data.

Choose Exactly The Fields to Show Per Card

To export card data for a board:

  1. Open the board settings section of the settings panel
  2. Click on "Export CSV" under the Board Export section 
  3. Load the created CSV file into a spreadsheet or share with other applications.

Board Export Image

If you have any trouble exporting board data reach out so Amazing Fields support through the help icon.

Desktop Applications Note

Some users have reported that exporting does not work correctly in the Trello desktop applications.  I have not been able to verify if this is for all users or just some users, but a known workaround is to run the Trello web application in a browser.  The browser aplication fully supports exporting and has worked for all users that ran into this issue on the desktop.

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