How to use visibility to choose which fields to show or hide on Trello cards?

The Amazing Fields PowerUp allows you to choose which fields to hide or show on your cards based upon your needs.

See it in action: create a board from Amazing Fields Features Template.

Choose Exactly The Fields to Show Per Card

Amazing Fields supports "filtering" the fields that are shown on a card to choose which ones to hide and which ones to show.  Open the card you want to adjust, and then click on the "Visible Fields" button in the Amazing Fields section of the card details.  From here you can choose to show "All", "None", or specific fields on that card.

Note: This is very useful for setting up card templates to be used on the board.  For example maybe you have two or three types of cards and you want each of them to have a specific set of fields.  To do this, create 3 cards templates and choose the fields to show on each of them.

Hide Field By Default

You can also configure a field to be hidden by default in the field settings. This is useful for fields that are not normally used but that you want to manually enable on some cards or template cards.

Dynamically Set Visibility Using Formula

Sometimes the choice of whether to show a field may vary based upon other values on the card.  Amazing Fields supports this through the use of formulas.  As shown below you can enable the computation of visibility through a formula that takes into account other fields.  
If the formula returns a boolean true value, then the field is shown.  In the example below the formula references a checkbox field directly and thus anytime the checkbox is checked the field is shown.
Note: the formula only runs the first time a value is set.  You still use the "Hide field on cards by default" setting above to determine if you want the field to show up initially.


Show field if text matches

Only show the given field if the value of another field matches a specific text value

Show field if list name matches

This one is very helpful where you can choose to show a field if the current list name for the card matches a target. For example maybe only some parts of your workflow require additional data entry and the current list helps determine that part of the flow.

Show field if the card is in the "In Progress" list.
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