Why does Amazing Fields not display in the Trello Desktop Application?

After the Trello 2.13.8-517 update there have been issues for some users of the Trello desktop application where Amazing Fields will not show up.  There is a community discussion about this issue: https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Trello-questions/Power-ups-not-working-in-desktop-app/qaq-p/2163031

I know this issue is frustrating even if it only affects a small number of users.  I have been working with users that have reported the issue to try to track down the cause and resolve the issue.  It is still not clear what causes this issue, but there have been a few potential ways to solve it.  If none of these options work for your case, then contact me through support@amazingpowerups.com and we can try to find another way to solve the issue.

1) Use the Trello web application in a browser like Chrome or Firefox

This always resolves the issue and allows you to move forward using Amazing Fields.  It is not a great solution, but it does work 100% of the time.

2) Disable and re-enable the Amazing Fields powerup

Some users have reported that if they disable Amazing Fields and then re-enable it on the board within the desktop application, the issues will clear up.  

3) Reset local data

The Trello desktop application has a way to clear the local cache data for the Trello application and powerups.  You can find this under Help > Reset local data.  Once you do this you will need to close the Trello application and restart it.


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