Amazing Fields Trello Consulting

Gain confidence and optimized workflows for your specific needs

I offer consulting services for Amazing Fields and Trello.  Let me help you get Amazing Fields and Trello setup and optimized for your workflows.  I can help give you the confidence to use both tools to the fullest.
Get expert advice on:
  • Setting up Amazing Fields for your organization
  • Building formulas, relationships, and settings for your workflow
  • Providing guidance on what is possible with Trello
  • How to create your optimal workflow
  • Using Trello APIs to integrate your data and feeds
  • Anything else related to Amazing Fields and Trello

What to expect:

  1. Reach out to me at with a brief description of the type of problem you are trying to solve and your goals
  2. I’ll get back to you within 1-2 days with any questions and to schedule a followup web conference
  3. Meet for 30 minutes to discuss the work and nail down any questions
  4. I will provide an estimate of the work involved for you to confirm before anything is started
  5. On-going communication as needed while completing the work
My consulting rate is $150/hr.  I have a 2-hour minimum per project to ensure we have time to give you the best solution possible.  Many projects only require a few hours.  For larger projects I will spend more time up front to make sure you understand the full scope and don’t run into any surprises.
Other Trello Consultants
I am not the only Trello consultant out there.  I know Amazing Fields very well and can help get your data moving, but there are many other consultants and some may fit your needs even better.  The Trello community keeps a List of Trello Consultants.  I know many of them and they are great people.  I suggest taking a look to see what else is out there as well.
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