Powerup required security settings

Because of the way Trello embedded powerups like Amazing Fields using iframes, Trello powerups require third-party cookies to be enabled for *.trello.com sites. This allows the powerup and the Trello powerup libraries to store settings in your browser's localstorage.

Trello has an article about this: Trello support: Enabling localStorage

Amazing Fields Warning Message

I try to have Amazing Fields detect when this setting is missing and present users with a clear dialog about how to handle it.  The dialog looks similar to this:

Chrome Settings

To enable Trello to store powerup settings in Chrome, to go chrome://settings/cookies

Then click on the "Add" button to add a site that can always use cookies.  Add Trello and be sure to select "Including third-party cookies on this site".

Firefox and Edge

Follow the instructions from Trello here:  Trello support: Enabling localStorage

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