How to set permissions on fields in Amazing Fields for Trello

Amazing Fields for Trello lets you set permissions of who can view and edit data in fields on your Trello cards.

Choose Who Can View and Edit Fields

Amazing Fields allows you to setup permissions on fields to determine what users can view and/or edit the fields.  This allows for a variety of interesting setups.  For example:

  • Team-wide board where a couple fields should only be edited by a few members
  • Keep some fields private when sharing with larger groups
  • Have a simplified view for most users but some more detailed views for the team managing the board
  • Having a public board where you want some fields hidden to ownly editors


To setup permissions, first select the field that you want to edit.  Then look for the "Permissions" section as shown above.  Choose the user type you want to be able to view and edit the fields.  

You can further select additional users beyond that group as long as those users have permission to perform the action.  For example if you choose Admin for the edit type, you can only add additional users that have edit rights ("Normal" board users).  This is because the user still needs to be a valid user on the board with Trello rights to edit the data.

If your view permissions are set to "Observer", you can not add additional users because you already have all board members added.  Similarly, if you have edit permissions set to "Normal", you can not add more editors because you already have all valid editors selected.


Please note that permissions do not add any additional network security beyond that offered by Trello.  Permissions only restrict what Amazing Fields shows or allows, but it does not prevent a skilled technical user from making Trello API requests to see the underlying data.

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