How to automatically backup Trello boards with Amazing Fields

The Amazing Fields PowerUp allows you to automatically make backup copies of your Trello boards with all included board data and cards

See it in action: create a board from Amazing Fields Features Template.

Backup Your Board Data

Note: All your board data stays safe and secure on the Trello servers.  Amazing Fields does not make an external copy of any of your data.

Trello boards contain important information and just like any other digital files, you need to ensure it is backed up in case anything goes wrong.  A backup can protect against human errors, data corruption, or any of a number of other things that could go wrong. Amazing Fields makes it easy to automatically create backup copies of all your boards with one click.

As shown above, simply go to the "Board Settings" tab and click "Enable backup board copies".  From there everything is handled automatically. 

Since the backup process creates a standard Trello board as a copy, you will recieve standard Trello board notifications when the backup is created.  This gives peace of mind that your data is save and secure on the Trello servers.

Backup Validation

The backup process works by looking at the board when a user with the correct rights opens the board each day or week. When this happens, if the board needs backed up the powerup will make a copy of the board and then open it in a new tab to complete the backup process. This is a side effect of how Trello works and is required to ensure that all settings get migrated and opened correctly. The new tab presents a dialog to the user telling them they can immediately close the tab or window and continue on knowing that the data is secure.

Note that a popup blocker may intercept this opening and present it as blocked. Feel free to let the popup blocker know that it can allow new windows from this domain so it can complete this backup process successfully.

Backup and Recovery Process

Important: Backups are created only if you have a user with admin rights to the board viewing the board, and the time since the last backup has expired.  In other words, for backups to work you need to have atleast one board admin using the board actively.

All board backups are done live when a user with Admin rights has the board open.  Amazing Fields checks periodically if a backup should be created.  When it makes a backup, it creates a copy of the board within the board's organization, assignes it a name with the date and time, and then removes all shared user except accounts with Admin rights.  This ensure that the backups are kept safe, secure, and organized.

To recover from a backup copy, simple go to your normal Trello boards view, scroll down to the workspace of the main board, and then look for the backup copy with the correct name.  You can open the board just like you would any other board to see the data at that point in time.  From there you can choose if you want to copy cards from the backup copy or if you want to make it the new production board by renaming the boards.  In either case, recovery is simple and straight forward because it is just like any other normal Trello board.

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