Why does Amazing Fields need so many Trello permissions?

After you enable Amazing Fields, you need to authorize it with Trello.  As the authorization windows says, the powerup uses the minimum permissions needed to provide its features. 

But when you start authorization you will see the extensive list of permissions below.  I have had more than a few people ask me why it requests so much access.

The short answer is that it doesn't.  The problem is that Trello doesn't allow for fine grained authorization.  Amazing Fields can only ask for read and write access in general and this includes access to things it doesn't really need.

The only things Amazing Fields uses this authorization to do are:

  • Read/write data to your cards on the board you have open
  • Read/write data to the currently open board
  • Read your account name to identify the user

That is all.  And Amazing Fields does not access any of this remotely.  It only uses these permissions on your behalf in your browser for actions you are actively taking.  

Also, note that Amazing Fields does not store any of your card data on any external server.  All of your data is stored on the Trello servers under your control.

If you want more details on the levels of access that can be requested, see the full details in the Trello API documentation.

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