Fields Not Showing or Disappearing

On very rare occasions, there can be a network failure talking to Trello. When this happens, Amazing Fields can run into problems getting data about your cards.  Rest assured that your data is still safely stored on Trello's server with the card data.

This can lead to some fields not showing up or the entire Amazing Fields powerup not showing on the board or card details.

Normally this can be solved by simply reloading your browser window.  

On some browsers you may need to do a full browser reload to resolve the issue.  Hold the Ctrl key while you click on the reload button.

Trello Status

You can also check the Trello status page to see if Trello itself is up and running correctly.  This site is updated when Trello is experiencing major outages.  It doesn't show all the issues that may have occurred, but when there is a big issue it is the best place to confirm.


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